What is a master’s degree?

What is a master’s degree?

Grandmaster is the name of a bac+5 level diploma which actually defines several types of training.

various training

When we talk about the Grandmaster We can refer to:

National University Certificate in accordance with the license since the LMD reform (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) 2002, issued in universities. The training lasts two years in the first year. Either the Master 1 or the “Master” then the second year or the Master 2 is aimed at students holding a license. We distinguish professional experts. [« master pro » – ancien DESS] of research professors (former DEA) to bac+5 training organized by some Grandes Ecoles, especially business schools. School of Engineering School of Management School of Journalism, IEP and other schools

The most sought-after master’s degree is a master’s degree in management. Master in Marketing Master of Laws Master in Finance and international master’s degree Some teachers also have dual skills. (especially at the faculty)

Professional specialists focusing on the business world include internships at companies that last at least three months. Focus on university research The research master includes writing a thesis and generally continues with a Ph.D.

In total, hundreds of teachers are given to students. The training offer is great. and there is something for everyone (scientific, literary, etc.) among all existing experts. Many specialties

Here is the list of specialists you can find in higher education:

Master of Science Master of Engineering Political Science Master of Communication Master of Arts Master of Arts Graphic Design Master Degree Design Modern Languages ​​Master of Science Computer Science Master Degree Civil Engineering Master Degree Biology Master Degree Biotechnology Master Degree Chemistry Master Degree Applied Mathematics Master of Science and Technology Master of Science in Management Economics Master of Economics and Social Science Master of Science in Civilization, Culture and Society Master of Science in English Speaking Master of Science Master of Psychology Master of Finance Master of Business Administration Master of Science in Human Resource Management Master of Business Law Degree Master of Public Law Master of Science Language Master of Science Master of Sports Management Master of Arts International Management Master of Arts International Relations Master of Masters Luxury Management Journalism Master of Sciences Master of Science MEEF Master of History Master of Arts History of Arts Master of Arts STAPS European Master, etc.

Find the gurus that’s right for you.

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