What to do after completing a general bachelor’s degree?

with a multidisciplinary program A general bachelor’s degree makes it possible to consider further studies. University, goals, BTS preparation or school: create a course according to your project.


The license (3 years) is provided on-campus.

General graduates enroll mainly at the bachelor’s degree level. In order to acquire general knowledge in a given field of study before specializing in the framework of a master’s degree (2 years).

license notice

Arts, Law and Political Science Economics and Management, Alphabet and Language, Health, Human and Social Sciences. Science and techniques of physical and sport activities, science, engineering…: You have the choice from nearly 40 specialties, adding two courses (e.g. law and art history, science and music).

Expected Parkoursup

before registration Find out about the courses available, each course you may be interested in and about prospective Parcoursup in terms of knowledge and skills.

License with Path to Health

These permits enable applicants to apply for training, as the case may be, in the fields of dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, midwifery (midwives) and physical therapists. at the university or in school When entering the second year, count from 4 to 11 years of study.

But (Bachelor of Technology University)

The BUT (3 years) is presented by IUTs (University Institute of Technology).

This diploma supports further study at a postgraduate or school level while allowing direct access to employment. Since the beginning of the 2021 academic year, it has replaced the DUT (University Certificate in Technology), offering a two-year program.

24 mentions

Careers in Legal, Chemistry, Bioengineering, Business Management, Information Communication, Marketing Techniques…: You have a choice between 24 specializations. which is an additional course (sometimes from year 1, most often in year 2)

need a profile

Students are selected in the file. and sometimes in motivational tests and interviews. It is therefore advisable to inquire about the required profiles before registering with Parcoursup.

Note: 50% of places are reserved for technology graduates at each institution.


BTS (2 years), DN MADE (3 years) and DCG (3 years) teach in high schools or specialized schools.

These courses recruit students on file. It is advisable to inquire in advance about the patient’s profile.

BTS (Higher Technician Certificate)

Get ready in 2 years. BTS has 119 specials. Training consists of theory, practical courses and field internships. BTS allows you to enter your work life or continue your studies. Most of them are professional licenses.

This diploma can be prepared through an internship.

Note: BTS caters to vocational graduates with similar expertise and also accepts holders of a Bachelor of Technology degree.

DN MADE (National Diploma in Crafts and Design)

DN MADE offers 14 mentions for 3 years to be combined with a special course. Promote the pursuit of education in an art school or master’s degree (bac+5).

Note: DN MADE also welcomes STD2A graduates who are already skilled in their target fields.

DCG (Certificate in Accounting and Management)

Presented in 3 years, DCG prepares you for the accounting profession. This can be done by DSCG or prototype (bac+5).

Note: DCG also welcomes STMG graduates who are already skilled in this field.

CPGE (Preparation Class for Grandes Ecoles)

Also called “prepas,” preparatory classes (2 years) are held in high school.

Most typical baccalauréat holders are in CPGE: most courses are for them. Admission is completed on file.

economic preparation

They mostly provide access to business schools and want to record a good senior year with balanced results in math and literature.

It is not necessary to pursue special education in mathematics of specialists. Optional math options may be sufficient for admission.

literary preparation

They prepare for ENS (tertiary school) competitions, of which few. But there are doors to other higher education. They require a good degree in the field of literature without this or that special tutoring.

Only the LSS (Letter and Social Sciences) preparatory course assumes you have math skills. It is enough to follow the optional math option.

scientific preparation

It is reserved for high school students with knowledge and skills in mathematics and at least one of the other scientific fields, including Life and Earth Sciences, Physics-Chemistry, Engineering Sciences, Digital and Computer Science. It depends on the targeted coursework. Expect to follow one or two specialized courses in these areas.


These courses (from 3 to 5 years) are offered by specialized public or private schools. to prepare students for trade or work As a result, a national diploma or school name.

business management

The School of Business and Management trains in 3, 4 or 5 years, accessible with a general bachelor’s degree. A specialization at the end of the course allows for training in marketing, finance, management, etc.

science and industry

Half of engineering schools directly welcome students after a bachelor’s degree to lead them to an engineering degree in 5 years. Among them: ENI (National School of Engineering), Insa (National Institute of Applied Sciences), On-campus schools (eg Polytech. ) etc.

admissions on file Then take the test and/or interview. math skills and in other scientific disciplines (Physics-Chemistry, SVT, Engineering, Digital, depending on the school)

Veterinary schools are now directly accessible after completing a competitive, 6-year bachelor’s degree (1-year prep cycle per 5 year veterinary course). )

social health

Schools in the social sector prepare in three years for the DE (state diploma), which is often required to work as a social service assistant. young children teacher or specialized educators Optional Access

The School of Medicine prepares in 3 or 5 years for a DE (or certificate of competence for speech therapists and orthoptists), compulsory to train as a physiotherapist, laboratory technician, nurse… Optional access.

art architecture

General bachelor’s degree graduates can apply to the school of architecture to prepare them especially for a DE (state diploma) in architecture within 5 years.

Higher art schools recruit graduates with a bachelor’s degree by taking competitive exams for 3 to 5 years. Preparation is sometimes recommended in 1 year.


10 IEP (Institute of Political Studies) admissions on file or quizzes for 5 years of study at the end of the course It is possible to specialize in various fields: public relations, economics, international relations, communication, etc.

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