The BUT (Bachelor of Technology University)

The BUT is a certificate that is delivered in 3 years in the IUT (University Institute of Technology) study program. Courses Offered Opening… Return to the essentials to know about the university’s undergraduate technology.

Admission fee

The selection is made in a file with a tray. But the application is managed by the Parcoursup platform.

In addition to the application file containing the school’s report You may be asked to take a motivational test and/or interview.

At each educational institution, 50% of the facility should be reserved for holders of a Bachelor of Technology degree for a specialization. Holders of graduates in technology who have earned a bachelor’s degree stating “good” or “excellent” are automatically admitted to the same field of study in which they apply.

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educational organization

3 years of study in IUT (University Institute of Technology)

BUTs are provided in the IUT, which is the internal structure of the university. access to the university library Language lab… IUT provides the advantages of universities with strengthened governance.

Organized over 6 semesters, the training leading to BUT is part of the European LMD program which promotes licensed bridges and vice versa. It consists of core modules and optional modules selected based on personal and professional projects.

Alternate training for CM (Lecture), TD (Directing) and TP (Real Work). Students benefit from significant teaching and methodological support.

They can spend time abroad. (semester or internship in the company) during the course especially through the European Erasmus+ programme.

work rate

Count 35 to 40 hours per week. It is divided between courses and projects taught. almost as much as in the terminal

Students in industrial specializations (eg training in manufacturing activities) follow 2,000 hours of teaching, while students in special tertiary education pursue 2,000 hours of teaching. (Service sector activities) will follow 1,800 hours of teaching.

A large number of personal jobs have been added in the form of DMs, homework. Sustainable growth of this sector requires consistency, rigor and organization. Attendance is compulsory. It is a condition for passing from one year to another and obtaining a diploma.

in the program

Students study specializations in the field of activity. Each goal covers a fairly wide range of professional fields. and make it adaptable to work groups (eg logistics and transportation management career in law) by acquiring diverse professional skills and a strong general culture. but aimed at versatility

The goals are set by:

24 mentions for each general lesson One or more courses generally begin in semester 3 (or earlier in some cases), with general and specific lessons for each.

Undergraduate University of Technology programs offer:

national project two-thirds of the hourly volume of local adaptation in a third of the hourly volume This makes it possible to take into account the local environment and the realities of the professional world. Training courses are therefore adapted to the evolution of trading.

study review

The diploma is issued based on continuous assessment. A proficiency examination is held at the end of each semester (30 credits per semester). English language level certification is required. The skills and knowledge gained through volunteer activities will be reviewed.

The BUT corresponds to 180 European credits i.e. bac+3 level. Those who pass the 120 credit examination will receive a DUT Intermediate Diploma (University Certificate in Technology at bac+ 2) at the end of the first two years.


BUT is a national diploma. They are the same regardless of the place of preparation. Boycott general training and technology in professional fields and grant a license level.

Note: Other professional certificates are available at bac+3, in particular DN MADE (National Certificate in Craftsmanship and Design), DCG (Certificate in Accounting and Management), Professional License, or Bachelor of Image Network Engineering.


Training is based on hands-on work and courses organized by experts in the sector.

There is a place to work in project mode. It offers a 600 hour teaching program and 22 to 26 weeks in-house internships.

Students who wish to experience a more professional world can opt for an internship. this kind of education This is generally offered in Year 2 and/or 3 will involve one of five courses. It will differ according to the field of study. Motivation is indispensable because educational programs do not make it easy for interns.

And after that ?

With bac + 3 levels, however, holders will have better access to the labor market.


The opportunity was satisfactory. Employment conditions are more favorable for certain specialties. especially industry and commerce

continuing education

But general and vocational training encourages the pursuit of education. Possibilities vary according to expertise and conditions of access (files, exams, interviews).

at the university Provides bachelor’s participation for those who have passed 4 semesters of BUT prep for Master’s (bac 5), access to L2 (2nd year license) or L3 (year 3) depending on faculty recommendation. University Education Director A Year 1 Master’s degree, also known as an M1, can also be applied to those who have obtained a BUT diploma. Many engineering schools welcome students from IUT through parallel admissions. The number of places assigned to these profiles and the recognized specialty certificates vary from school to school. 1-year preparation ATS (Advanced Technician) welcomes DUT holders in one of their project-based specialties: Biology; industrial engineering; Civil Engineering, Chemical Professions, Veterinary Schools also recruit senior technicians. Regardless of whether they have passed the ATS biological preparation or not, the School of Business and Management has introduced parallel admissions. The number of open locations varies by school. some special but is more suitable than others Some high schools prepare in 1 year for the bac+2 entrance exam: prepa ATS Economy-management.


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