After completing the vocational certificate, what should I do?

Most vocational graduates go directly into working life. This is a sign of the adequacy of these diplomas to the needs of employers. However, a third of tertiary education is mostly in BTS, a facility reserved for them.

After completing the bachelor’s degree: training in 1 year

Many vocational graduates go on to study in one year to acquire specializations or new skills.

After professional bachelor’s degree: objectives bac + 2 or bac + 3

Most vocational graduates pursuing higher education prepare in 2 years for BTS (Higher Technician Certificate) in their former professional field. Some go to specialized schools for 2 or 3 years.

After Professional Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor’s Degree + 5 Objectives

Vocational high schools do not prepare them for general education. However, some tertiary institutions offer upgrades for vocational graduates who wish to pursue a long-term course. at the university or in school


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