Economics and Management License

It is well known for its mathematical needs. In fact, these studies are multidisciplinary in the program: economics, management, statistics, law and sociology. These licenses are open to different aspects. for master’s degree professional license Business school or IEP

AES license

AES licenses are different from other licenses. In economics: less math and more social sciences From law to statistics It takes curiosity and versatility in multidisciplinary training.

economics license

An economics license is for those who want to manipulate numbers. Offering general economics courses with an open access to other social sciences, this license offers the opportunity to obtain a professional licensure, master’s degree or business school.

Bachelor of Economics and Management

This license is designed for beginners in economics and management. This license requires good taste in mathematics and good abstract skills. The choice between economics or management takes place in year 3 through specialized courses.

management license

To be in line with the world economy and professionalism Management licenses attract a large number of students. Offers courses that focus on organizational management Human Resources, Marketing, Banking and Hospitality Industry and open to diverse careers in various sectors


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