What is a bachelor’s degree?

What is a bachelor’s degree?

A bachelor’s degree is a bac+3 training provided primarily by a business school or consular school. (which depends on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry), although the most well-known bachelor’s degrees are those offered by the School of Management. But many schools in different fields Offers bachelor’s degree programs

Montpellier Business School example: Grande Ecole de Management offers a bachelor’s degree in international business that is directly accessible after bachelor’s degree and provides a state-approved Bac+3 certificate. Students participating in this program can choose the language of instruction. Internationalization of the curriculum or level of professionalism learn more

We can find a bachelor’s degree in an art school. School of Computer Science School of Journalism fashion school, etc.

Here is a list of some of the available bachelor’s degrees:

Bachelor’s degree Management Bachelor’s degree Marketing Bachelor’s Commerce Bachelor’s degree Human Resources Bachelor’s degree International Trade Bachelor’s degree Entrepreneurship Bachelor’s degree Communication Bachelor’s Management Bachelor’s Finance Bachelor’s 3D Computer Graphics Bachelor’s Degree Graphic Design Degree Bachelor IT Bachelor Design Internet Bachelor Art

if accepted The bachelor’s degree validates 180 ECTS credits corresponding to the university’s licensing level, for example the bac+3 certificate (Level II certificate) can be viewed as an international licence. It can be accessed after the bachelor’s degree. Teaching in and English and has a strong international dimension

To demonstrate the importance attached to professionalism in this training It is possible to complete your bachelor’s degree on a work and educational basis. If you don’t decide to pursue a Work-Study degree, you can take advantage of internships at companies. that can be determined by training

A bachelor’s degree is usually awarded in three or four years (bac+3 or bac+4), thus being a post-baccalaureate course.


BBA Experience-Based International Certificate

A four-year bachelor’s degree is known as a BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration). However, you do not need a three- or four-year bachelor’s degree to receive the certificate.

Each year, many young people enter their bachelor’s cycle in their second or even last year through parallel admissions. Most of these students graduated from another course (BTS, DUT, L2) with a specialization close to the bachelor’s degree in question.


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