York University’s Ultimate Student Guide, Part One

I graduated from university and wish I knew about student services at my university. I decided to create the best student guide for York University students. There are other university guides in Canada, please share with your friends!

Overview of the York University Student Guide

Part one has links for free meals on campus. academic support job opportunity How to get involved on campus, and more!

Other useful articles of the university:

Download your free York University Student Guide here:

Note: Bold words are hyperlinks in manuals. So please download the PDF file below.

free food

York Federation of Students Food Support CentreYU Connect: for campus events and free meals

YorkU textbook information

Academic Resources at York University

YU Online Services: Student Records, Scores, Enrollments, and Classroom Resources Registrar’s Office: Key Dates Course Support and Registration Academic Advisor Academic Calendar: Find your program and the courses required for your degree. Visual Scheduler: Plan Your Course Schedule Exam Schedule Red Zone: Your Financial YorkU Student Ambassador Academic Questions, Student Clubs and Universities

educational resources

Free Group Study Reservations Office 365YorkU Study Hub Free Dropdown Group TutoringYU Learning Skill Services: Workshops and Peer Support on Academic, Stress, Time Management and presentation skills York University Resources for Success

Career and Research Opportunities


Resources for COVID-19

To access all links to the resources mentioned. Please download the PDF manual below.

University Student Handbook Part 2

Stay tuned for part two where I will include information about:

York University Career Support and Services

Update: You can find the complete survival guide for part two here.

If you’d like to learn how to make the most of your experience at York University, check out the YorkU Student FAQ and Guidance infographic here.

University is an exciting and tense time. Check out this article on what to do when you’re stressed and overwhelmed. If you are studying at home Learn how to create the best study space.

Disclaimer: My Student Guide is not affiliated with York University. This is based on my own research from various university websites and student forums. Please always do your own research.

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