What is BTS?

What is BTS?

The Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) is a state-accredited level III (bac+2) national diploma.

It is prepared in:

public high school Private under contract and non-contract in Senior Technician Departments (STS), Training Centers Apprenticeships (CFA) Schools specializing in sectors such as: Computer Schools, Business Schools, Schools of Management. communication school School of Management School of Design, Continuing Vocational Education, Training Center, Distance Education Institute

BTS is a state diploma that can:

in the initial training Full-time and face-to-face over a two-year work-study (thanks to a professional or internship contract) which allows you to share time between courses and payroll activities in the company. Thus, you will gain professional experience and be able to earn. Monthly salary benefit in continuous vocational training For workers looking for a new job to develop their careers or retrain, etc.

Each year, more than 100,000 students receive BTS in 150 special programs presented. (Optional) Covering a wide range of professional activities, BTS’ specialties fall into two main categories: Production Professions and Service Professions.

duration of study

The duration of study for the Brevet de Technicien Supérieur is 2 years in high school or high school.

However, there are some exceptions:

3 years of study (1 year + 2 years): Students may need to pass a MAN (Upgrade) before incorporating STS (Higher Technician Section). This is the case for entry to BTS Management in the hotel and catering industry. With options A, B, C, if you’re not from a BA in Hotel Technology or BTS Art and BTS Design if you’re not from an STD2A bachelor’s degree. For BTS artists definitely pass MANAA. 1 year of study: Up. It depends on your academic or professional background. You will be able to pass BTS exam in 1 year.

Rhythm and organization of work

The BTS SkyTrain sets a relatively sustainable pace of work. You will need the same hours of lessons as in the terminal, for example 30 to 33 hours, divided into lectures, exercises, and hands-on tasks. This does not include personal work between homework and projects to be submitted.

What is the BTS SkyTrain Project?

The BTS program consists of both general courses. (General Culture, Modern Languages, General Economics, Mathematics, etc.) and specialized courses in the BTS sector depend on each training course. But you can find courses in marketing. commercial operation business management, transportation, personnel management Graphic design, design, etc.

You will follow a given internship each year. This internship will provide you with professional work experience and a first step in your professional life. Some students can also choose to spend two years of BTS as a work study. by signing a professional contract or an internship contract with an employer

Verification of study and final exams

The Brevet de Technicien Supérieur diploma is obtained through a final exam which includes part of the ongoing supervision. Registrations for BTS take place most of the time, around October and November. And the test will take place in May-June of the following year. Even if you decide to do BTS from a distance

Here are some numbers on BTS’s success:

The success rate for BTS is 81% in the public sector, 86% in the private sector under contract, and 66% in the private sector without contract. The success rate of BTS for those with a general bachelor’s degree is 87% for general series and 63% for professional series. Women received higher success rates than men in all walks of life. And their overall success rate is higher than that of men (+1.8 points).

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