What is the goal?

What is the goal?

BUT is a national diploma. They are equal regardless of the place of preparation in the territory. Boycott the general training and technology in the professional field and grants a license level (level bac+3). It is recognized academically and professionally, but credits 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and is registered in the RNCP (Directory of International Credit Transfer). national of professional certification)

The University’s Bachelor of Technology (BUT) has officially replaced the DUT (University Diploma of Technology) since the opening of the academic year in September 2021. However, DUT has not completely disappeared and serves as an intermediate diploma that bac+2 level

It should be noted that there are other professional certificates available at bac+3, in particular the DN MADE (National Certificate in Craftsmanship and Design), DCG (Diploma of Accounting and Management), Professional License, or Bachelor’s Degree.


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