What is a Grandes Ecoles preparatory class?

What is a Grandes Ecoles preparatory class?

Preparatory classes for Grandes Ecoles (CGPE) prepare students in two years for the management school entrance examination. business school business school The School of Engineering and Veterinary Science and the Écoles Normales Supérieures (ENS). Especially the competition for mainstream business and engineering schools. Some of these schools have their own arrangements.

Some people spend an entire school year. Some took two years and some took less than a year. Preparatory classes can be followed alongside final year classes or tertiary training. Especially for the preparation of PACES.

These preparatory classes are divided into several categories:

Scientific preparation is called Science prep class (CPGE science), which prepares you for entry into engineering school, or veterinary school, economic and commercial prep (prepa HEC), which prepares you for entry into a literary preparation business school, also known as prep class. Literature, which prepares you for entry into the ENS (École Normale Supérieure), but also some journalism schools (CELSA, etc.), as well as some business schools on the arts or the preparation upgrade in applied arts (MANAA) to prepare. attend art schools, design, graphic design, etc. Please note that MANAA preparation has now been replaced by DNMADE as part of the LMD (Bachelor, Masters) Arts Education reform PASS Preparation Course (formerly PACES Exam Preparation Course). ) to prepare for medical studies and the second year of medical entrance exams Political Science Preparatory Courses to begin your Political Science study at Sciences Po, such as ATS Preparatory Course (DUT or BTS Adaptive Course, Science in Engineering School or Veterinary Studies, TSI (Technology and Industrial Science) preparation and ECT (Economics) preparation. and Business, Technology Path) dedicated to holders of Bachelor of Technology or Professional Graduates and those who wish to attend a higher level. school of education (engineering or commerce) Integrated preparation, a state system that promotes diversity by allowing applicants of modest origin to prepare for the competition of civil service and others. Only a specific school or branch (Dietary control, physical therapy, etc.)

Offered in over 400 high schools, you can find pre-university classes in almost every city in the capital and abroad.


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