Hospitality and support services for students with disabilities on campus

Required Resource Center

in each university The Welcome and Support Service is a resource center where you can find information about on-site accessibility. human and technical assistance; examination arrangements; assistance and methods. working to promote academic success

The person in charge of the service dictates to the student the specific arrangements necessary for his success. He intervened in various services. to put into practice

Professional integration assistance

Some of the admission structures are developed in connection with SCUIOIP (University General Service for Information and Orientation and Professional Integration and the Professional Integration Observatory (eg BAIP) implementation to assist in the development of degree programs. professionals through a professional integration support system dedicated to people with disabilities.

Contact service from the terminal

All students with disabilities on campus can benefit from hospitality and support services for students with disabilities. Terminal 12 students are encouraged to contact as soon as possible: from January before university or during opening days.


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