What is DSCG?

What is DSCG?

The Higher Diploma in Accounting and Management (DSCG) is a bac+5 level (master’s) diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Why choose DSCG?

The DSCG examines the acquisition of knowledge required in accounting and corporate finance. This diploma represents the second level of Chartered Accounting. It’s also a great way to advance into the accounting and management profession. in any case If you want to start an accounting internship, DSCG is compulsory.

The DSCG is delivered in two years in a number of establishments such as:

high school Training Centers (CFA) Universities Institute of Technology (IUT) Universities Private Schools distance learning center

Alternatives can be followed through an internship or professional contract.

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course list

DSCG: The flagship diploma after DCG?

DCG is a Diploma in Accounting and Management. The preparatory training for this certificate can be accessed directly after the bachelor’s degree. It is often the first step on the ladder to public accounting.

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What to do after DCG?

In fact, many turned to DCG first with the goal of eventually joining the DSCG, and for good reason. The lessons of this training are therefore specialized and joined with the DSCG.

Here are some examples:

economy, society, law, tax, law, accounting, finance, management, control


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