University Quiz: True and False Thoughts About College

“At the university I won’t have to go to school again.”

True and False. Absence is different from high school. Generally, attendance in so-called TD (direction work) courses is compulsory. But it doesn’t have to be a CM (described course). It is recommended to attend all classes.

“On my license, I work less than in high school.”

Fake. Compared to last year You will have fewer study hours. but at the university You will need to take your own initiative, regularly manage your own time. Just because you have few classes That doesn’t mean you work less!

“If I’m enrolled in college It will be a long study.”

True and False at the Undergraduate level You begin your theoretical studies for 5 years after completing your bachelor’s degree. However, the university also offers shorter courses such as the 2-year DEUST preparation or the 3-year BUT preparation within the IUT (attached to the university) or professional license. It is generally prepared in 1 year after bachelor + 2 completion.

(Note: from the beginning of the 2021 academic year: some will be prepared within 3 years after the bachelor’s degree – with admission into Parcoursup – or in 2 years after the bachelor’s + 1)

“The lesson takes place in a crowded lecture hall.”

True and False depend a lot on the chosen course. Training also involves teaching and doing practical work in small groups. digital lesson professional simulation and individual projects or combined projects on the same study topic.

“In college, I’ll be alone.”

Fake. Today, there is concrete support for each student. In Year 1 of your license, you will be able to benefit from the support of a referral teacher. Like a tutor, a seasoned student who will help you work on the lesson and give you advice.

“In college, I can review before exams.”

Fake. Universities should provide ongoing assessments to gradually acquire knowledge throughout the course. You will be interested in working all year round.

“You can like subjects in high school and not at university.”

True. Some of the subjects covered in high school are not taught in the same way as those at universities (language, science, etc.) at the undergraduate level. courses often in depth Find information in the teaching unit. (Teaching unit) Before programming the course is better.

“If I choose the wrong way I’m going to waste a year.”

Fake. Aspiring undergraduate students can switch themselves after semester 1 or at the end of the year. in another license within the same university or in other training (eg BTS) and other establishments (eg school). Condition: Respond as soon as the first problem appears.

“In college, we don’t do internships.”

Fake. Universities allow students to do internships from licenses. This is more of a postgraduate case study. Because students must complete graduate studies. Although some courses do not require an internship. But it has been recommended by more and more universities.

“University training is generic.”

True and False If Year 1 licenses are often multidisciplinary, then Year 2 and especially Year 3 you will be able to structure your course in “major”, “minor” and optional areas. This will help you master it gradually.


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