What is a Bachelor of Vocational Education?

What is a Bachelor of Vocational Education?

Professional Baccalaureate It is a national diploma, typically awarded in three years after Tier 3 or in 2 years after CAP or BEP. Bac pro is a Level IV Diploma.

Here’s a three-year study you usually do: Second Professional first professional and the last professional

This is different from general bachelor’s degrees. A professional bachelor’s degree will prepare you for work in any sector. You will continue to pursue general education, such as courses in:

french math History – Geography Citizen education, modern languages, physical education and sports, etc.

during the course Students take mastery-based lessons of professional techniques specific to their specialization. This professional education differs depending on the mention. The bac pro differs from the typical high school and the second general class before the bac S, L or ES. The proficiency of the graduate professional arises from the second class.

Here are some examples of common subjects and professional practice you can find in various vocational graduates:

applied art Hospitality and catering, art studies, economic law environmental health protection marketing commercial management administrative management Negotiation and customer relations, transportation, marine maintenance, Avionics, etc.

Finally, they will benefit from a period of professional integration with 22 weeks of placement spread over three years of training.

Bac specialists are conducted in public or private vocational high schools. In a trainee training center (CFA) or in a rural family home (MFR).


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