What is DCG?

What is DCG?

bac+3 Level Certificate, Accounting and Management Certificate Also known as DCG, it can be accessed directly after receiving a bachelor’s degree. It is part of the LMD course and allows you to review 180 ECTS credits and earn a recognized placement at the RNCP II level.

This degree represents an entry-level level in the accounting, finance, and management sectors. Its purpose is to train future accounting assistants who will work in the accounting department of a consulting firm or accounting firm. It is also the first step before becoming a Chartered Accountant.

The DCG is a diploma that aligns people with a sense of communication and guidance. interest in numbers and a good sense of organization

Throughout accounting studies Students will acquire all the knowledge necessary to enter the professional world: basic accounting and finance. general accounting account management personnel management financial analysis organization management, etc.

Where do you practice?

The real sesame for DCG accounting and financial management work can be provided by such establishments as:

School of Management business school accounting school accounting school Public or private high schools

How do you practice?

There are several formulas that can be followed by your accounting and management diploma. You can decide to comply with your DCG:

One-on-one training: By following a full-time course within the training establishment. Education Training: Integration of Accounting Firms or Other Companies Accompany your course with a professional contract or internship contract. This option allows you to gain significant professional experience and fund your training. Distance learning: By taking the DCG course, contact us to arrange your schedule as you see fit.


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