study abroad

You plan to give a universal flavor to your studies and you ask yourself a lot of questions: should you leave the course completely or partially? How to get a recognized certificate? Who can help you organize your stay? Here are some guidelines for choosing the formula best suited for your project.

To study with Erasmus +

The Erasmus+ program enables students enrolled in higher education establishments to study while benefiting from grants and support.

Exchanges specific to each establishment

University Institute of Political Studies and the school enters into agreements with establishments around the world to facilitate student mobility and open up to the international arena.

go to school alone

Going to study abroad by yourself This is often the reason for the desire to study in a different place or to be interested in a particular country.

accept your diploma

Field trips, international courses Internships…There are many opportunities to do internships abroad. before leaving Make sure you embark on a project that leads to acceptance in your study or professional period.


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