A senior technician certificate is issued 2 years after the bachelor’s degree. Access is a choice and a sustainable pace of work. No big changes compared to last year. but focus on professionalism Indeed, the certificate corresponds to specific professional goals that meet the needs of companies.

BTS entrance fee

BTS Diploma bac+2 is provided in STS (Higher Technician Section) in middle school or school. and in the Agricultural Secondary School for BTSA (BTS Agriculture), access is a choice and a sustainable pace of work. for education under good supervision

Management education in BTS

with an average of 30 students per class Approximately thirty hours a week of lessons and homework: no big changes compared to last year.

What to do after BTS?

BTS SkyTrain is designed to meet the expectations of companies. Graduates are therefore in demand in the labor market. This did not prevent some of them from continuing their studies.

BTS Dormitory for Persons with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who continue their studies in BTS can benefit from accommodation received up to their bachelor’s degree. It is important to create an upstream project and prepare the files well. Our guide in 4 steps


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