Is the career of a psychologist interested in you? Are you considering studying psychology at university? It is better to spend time exploring different aspects. of the profession and deciphering the training course before starting the test, student testimonials. Educational presentations… Follow the instructions!

Psychologist: Stop Misunderstanding!

“Psychologist: One-on-one work with his patient” “Psychologist is a doctor” Many misconceptions have spread about the career of a psychologist. especially on televised Go back to the list of five to better identify you.

What kind of work does Psycho work for you?

Being a psychologist is a different kind of professional training. It depends on whether you work in a hospital or in a prison, in a school or in a social support service, and which “psychiatrist” would you be? Presenting the 5 main areas in which these experts have evolved

Name of psychologist: instructions for use

A regulated psychologist’s career in France required a position to practice. You will need 5 years of study and demonstrated motivation to obtain a license, master’s degree, internship: important information to know about each step of the course.

Am I cut off from studying psychology?

Many psychology students drop out in their first year. found that this license was not suitable for them. So what sector does it do for you? Here’s a checklist of tastes and skills that will give you the best chance of success.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Psychics License?

Nearly 124,000 high school students apply for a license in psychology in Parcoursup in 2021. This is one of the most popular courses. Although you will struggle to find work when you arrive. Remember to participate knowingly.

Psychology degree

A license in psychology, which combines the human sciences and the scientific subjects. It allows students to discover different aspects of their field of study to pursue professional projects to polish their licensing. because the field of psychology is limited

Master’s Degree in Psychology

within 2 years after the license A master’s degree in psychology is required to obtain a psychologist position that allows you to practice this profession. A (very) selective diploma which can provide access to other trades.

Testimonials: My beginnings in College of Psychology.

Not long ago, they were going to the College of Psychology, Motivation, First Impressions. Career Advancement and Advice: 6 Students From All Over France Tell Themselves The Facts!


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