What if there is no tray?

Repetition, further education, vocational training Or entering work life: there is a solution for those who do not have a bachelor’s degree. Talk to your teacher and a National Education psychologist to consider all possibilities.

What if there is no tray? appeared again

The best passport to study is still a bachelor’s degree. If you fail the exam You have several options. But the easiest way is to try again. You have a good chance of success on the second attempt.

What if there is no tray? continue studying

Some higher education programs are open to non-bachelor’s degree holders, however, some require a graduate degree (e.g. average greater than or equal to 8/20 for all tests).

What if there is no tray? alternate trains

By alternating, it is possible to study while working. A good compromise for those who want to learn from a professional. This formula promotes access to employment with diplomas. Several training courses are available under an internship or professional contract.

What if there is no tray? government work

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you can work in government under various rules, whether in administration. In the Royal Thai Police or Army, various solutions are available for non-graduates.

What if there is no tray? study later

For those who left school without a bachelor’s degree They can return to higher education or check their career success. Have the right to return to training youth under 25 years old


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