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“Postgraduate Admission” is a guideline for postgraduate training for high school students. This makes it possible to examine the characteristics of the main course such as duration, accessibility, program, study conditions. study channels, etc., as well as offer a calendar of attendance in higher education.

discovery after bachelor’s degree

As a freshman or senior year of high school You have only one goal. Bachelor’s degree at the end of the year This diploma is a passport of higher education.

Before starting the registration process in the establishment You must set your priorities for further study.

BTS, BUT, licenses, preparatory classes, specialized schools… There are many training courses. Each course has its own specifics.

to help you see clearly Follow the instructions! Provide the information you need to select the information that is right for you in each sector. duration of study The pace of work, programs, access, certification checks, opportunities…

to complete your information Feel free to take such measures:

Individual interviews in the final year of high school. Method of orientation within the establishment (interview personality in high school Orientation week in high school, opening days, etc.) Onisep Publications

in any case You can also contact our online consultants by email, phone or chat through our free service.

After completing a bachelor’s degree Choose your higher education

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