What is a specialist?

What is a specialist?

The Specialized Master (MS) is a certificate corresponding to the 3rd cycle of training. Open for bac+4, bac+5.

Specializations are offered by engineering schools. business school or university. Members of the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE) only.

The MS program covers four semesters: at least 350 hours of theory lessons and a four-month internship in a company. At the end of the internship Students are required to complete a professional thesis. This course is aimed at students who need it at the end of their introductory training. To acquire more specialized skills in a field or a few specializations in sectors such as aeronautics, insurance, accounting, law, IT, fashion, strategy, web design, etc. Students can also choose to pursue a master’s degree in a specialization to pursue a project like professional

All specialist training corresponds to 75 ECTS credits.


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