Succeeding in the Grandmaster

Continuing logical study after license (bac+3) Master knows how to mark recipes? Enhance professionalism and opportunities that are easy to assess. When and how to choose your teacher? What criteria? What you need to know to qualify How can I succeed in my internship and certificate promotion in the job market? In this file, your testimonials and recommendations provide concrete answers to the questions you ask yourself.

Teacher: Decipher the proposal.

in some disciplines There are hundreds of experts. covering dozens of disciplines more or less specific Choose more or less… How to choose the training that best fits your project and/or career How do you know the diploma is appreciated by recruiters? Our tips for choosing

7 questions for yourself to choose the right master’s degree

When choosing a master’s degree program the first professional steps are clearly introduced. Some students find themselves lost in the face of many offers. In addition to the name of the diploma It is important to question what is truly expected from targeted training. and must be well informed There is no shortage of news sources on this side!

Qualified at the entrance to M1

Access to M1 is subject to license holders. unless the establishment has a fixed capacity for admission, in which case admission by competitive examinations or application Among the criteria that make the difference: personal and professional projects. Applicant’s motivation

Succeeding in the teacher’s apprenticeship

The real starting point for employment Master internships are more strategic than ever. How to choose your company and succeed in your application? What are some mistakes to avoid when in position? tips to help you


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