University of Montreal

Why did you come to study in Montreal?

in the heart of North America Montreal is the city of the world where every Every year thousands of students come to live unique experiences of studying abroad, culture, creativity. open-minded And diversity is at the heart of this city where the University of Montreal is renowned for excellence. UdeM welcomes more than 67,000 students from different campuses. Including 10,000 international students from 140 countries, discover the study program that is right for you!

Five properties of UdeM that will make a difference:

Multiple Study Options: Build a curriculum according to your image with our 600 study programs Generous: Take advantage of an international university that is open to the world. Quality of Teaching: Benefit from the teaching dynamics of the only -speaking university to be part of the 100 Best Universities in the World (Times Higher Education World University Rankings). Shake to the beat of one of the best student cities in North America (according to QS Best Student Cities). Environment: Study at a forestry university committed to preserving nature.

Consult our page dedicated to prospective international students to find out the general conditions of admission. cost of education immigration formalities and much more

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@montrealisezvous account It is run by four -speaking European students who live and study at the University of Montreal. through their news and photos They help international students discover the everyday lives of student life in Montreal from a distance!


study in canada opportunity for french

Your graduate opens the door to a number of Université de Montréal programs offered through specialized courses and options. It is similar to our school system and our “on-demand” curriculum.

Most of our educational programs From law to communication through political science It gives you the opportunity to choose a specialization in high school according to your interests and without limitations.

For educational programs requiring a scientific background (mathematics, SVT, physics, chemistry), it may be necessary to complete at least one preparatory course if the specialty courses and options chosen at high school do not meet the admission requirements. attend all classes

For more information, consult Bac à Bac, a tool that allows you to quickly simulate the choice of specializations and options for graduates. and see if it meets our admission requirements.

It should also be noted that the agreement signed between Quebec and France facilitates the inclusion of students in Quebec. In addition to benefiting from the extra tuition fees They also benefit from a number of deals. including free health insurance driver’s license certification and mutual recognition of professional qualifications


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